We would like to introduce you to Stardust Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is more than a place; it's a network of caring people who make a difference in the lives of those whose wishes and dreams have gone unanswered. Stardust Sanctuary is a place of healing, for animals and humans alike.  Almost every year, Stardust has provided rehabilitation and rescue to over one hundred horses, dogs & cats with urgent medical needs.

Our small rescue is run by friends, volunteers, sponsors and professionals who put in their time, energy and funds to provide the utmost care for our resident animals and network “forever homes” for the rescue animals.

For more information about Stardust please continue to browse our website, or feel free to .

Stardust has received some really exciting news about our Alzheimer's Enlightenment Program. We are very honored to announce that our Therapy Horses will be working with folks from the Clinic of The Alexian Brothers Neurosciences Institute which has an active and established program for clinical research trials under the direction of Concetta Forchetti, M.D., Ph.D., Medical Director and Principal Investigator.

Dr. Forchetti is a highly respected researcher with over 20 years of neurological clinical research experience. She has authored many articles in the area of neurology and has been interviewed by television, radio and newspapers.

We are looking forward to Spring.

And the winner is...

And the winner of the St. Patrick's Day Raffle is Chris Bennett

Many thanks to Bert Irslinger at the Second Amendment in McHenry, Illinois for your heartfelt generosity towards Stardust Sanctuary with your St. Patrick's Day Raffle and to Robert Petit for coming up with such a great idea......... : 0 )

This donation will help move our run-in shed for Missy and Drum to the farm and to make other farm improvements for our resident animals.

Thank you for all that participated. Your participation goes a long way to helping the helpless find new beginnings!!